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It is sometimes necessary to close one, several, or all of the District 14 schools due to an emergency. Inclement weather is usually the major cause of school closings; however, other emergencies such as power failures, heating problems, or water problems could occur at any time necessitating the closing of one or more schools.


When a determination is made that a school or schools should be closed to protect the health and safety of students, the information will be sent to parents and staff via our automated phone notification system, as well as announced to major radio and television stations. A recorded announcement will also be made on the voice message system at each affected district school, and on the district website.

In the event of an emergency school closing (or earl dismissal), the following stations will carry emergency closing information:


Radio Stations AM

  • WMAY 970

  • WTAX 1240


Radio Stations FM

  • WDBR 103.7

  • WFMB 104.5



  • WICS – Channel 20

  • WCIA – Channel 3


Please discuss with your child the possibilities which might develop and what is expected when District 14 announces an emergency school closing. You are encouraged to develop a plan with your child should the school closing announcement be made after you have left for work, or if you are unable to be home when your child returns home following an emergency school closing.


District 14 makes every effort to keep all schools open throughout the school year. During inclement weather, when schools are open, a parent/guardian makes the final decision as to their child’s attendance at school should weather conditions be considered too severe for a child to travel to and from school.


Should you have any questions about this announcement, please contact your child’s building principal or call the District Office at (217) 629-6009.

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