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Riverton Community Unit School District #14

Board of Education

Strategic Plan


MISSION STATEMENT: The mission of Riverton CUSD #14 is to create a supportive environment where we inspire and challenge our students to reach their highest potential.

VISION STATEMENT: Every Student, Life Ready

VALUES: (1) We value the growth and success of our students; (2) We value our people and relationships with staff members, students, and their families; (3) We value connections with the community of Riverton; and, (4) We value innovation from our students and staff within our schools and programs.

BELIEFS: (1) We believe education is essential to life readiness; (2) We believe every student can learn and be successful; (3) We believe in accepting, celebrating, and respecting the individuality of others; and, (4) We believe in working together to provide for and support the families of our community.

GOAL #1: Life Readiness - Our students will be prepared and ready for success in life.


SUBGOAL #1 - Educational & Life Opportunities

Improve curricular alignment, continuity, and applicability of course content to align with Life Ready Initiative

  1. Assess the effectiveness of and applicability of all core and elective courses through a course audit in Fifth-Twelfth Grade

  2. Implement new elective courses at Riverton High School focusing on applicable skills for life

  3. Conduct a feasibility study to implement exploratory courses at Riverton Middle School aligning with life ready objectives and elective courses at Riverton High School

  4. Increase opportunities for career exploration and exposure without forcing students to identify a singular pathway

  5. Identify a viable system to expose students to varying workforce opportunities through internships, externships, and job shadowing experiences

  6. Align English-Language Arts curriculum with the recommendations provided in the Illinois Literacy Plan


Graduate students from Riverton Schools who exhibit essential skills for life

  1. Implement concepts and communicate the Riverton Schools Portrait of a Graduate at all grade levels

  2. Integrate life ready performance indicator criteria within instruction in all grade levels

  3. Increase opportunities for students to provide their opinions and voice on the operations of Riverton Schools

  4. Develop plan to expand early childhood programs and offerings


SUBGOAL #2 - Mental & Physical Health

Improve the mental and physical health and wellbeing of all students attending Riverton Schools

  1. Improve Physical Education curriculum and instruction with a focus on health, wellness, fitness, and skill-building

  2. Conduct a student survey on topics in health, incorporating results into health curriculum

  3. Leverage Competency-Based Education Pilot to reduce workloads, time requirements, and pressure for students who are competent in identified disciplines

  4. Incorporate units on proper phone and social media usage and the effects of cyberbullying into health curriculum


Connect every child with a caring, committed adult within Riverton Schools

  1. Introduce a bullying intervention program, teaching effective methods of intervention and improving communication and education to the school community on bullying

  2. Introduce a version of the Behavior Intervention Support Teams (BIST) Program at Riverton High School to improve consistency with behavior expectations

  3. Improve social-emotional learning programs focused on building confidence and leadership skills in children

  4. Identify methods of incorporating student-adult interaction with the intent of increasing student voice and ownership in learning


SUBGOAL #3 - Life Transitions

Improve continuity for students when transitioning to new schools or programs

  1. Conduct a survey from students and families to determine and address concerns when transitioning to a new program or a new school

  2. Expand transition weeks at the end of the school year for students in exiting grades, and increase opportunities for families to become more familiar with new school buildings and expectations

  3. Increase opportunities for vertical curriculum alignment with staff at all levels

  4. Increase opportunities for clubs and activities at Riverton Elementary School

  5. Introduce student Problem-Solving Teams at all three school buildings

  6. Identify method of tracking and responding to post-graduation progress from recent graduates


GOAL #2: Operational Services - Our operations will support the life readiness of our students.

SUBGOAL #1 - Facilities Modernization

Update and maintain the educational facilities to provide an environment aligning with the improvement goals of the district

  1. Visually communicate mission, vision, beliefs, etc. in high-traffic areas of school buildings

  2. Improve underutilized areas of the schools to provide additional learning, performance, and practice space

  3. Identify plan to update facilities to support new courses and programs following approval and implementation

  4. Maintain process for approving and updating Capital Improvements Plan

  5. Explore long-term facilities additions and/or improvements, resulting in new buildings for programs and activities

SUBGOAL #2 - Resource Conservation

Maintain fiscal responsibility to ensure program and school improvement, growth, and continuity of services to the community

  1. Update and identify responsible objective for cash reserves

  2. Explore opportunities for the use of renewable energy sources in school buildings and transportation services

  3. Maintain consistent building appraisal schedule including inventory for supplies and equipment

  4. Develop schedule and process for the disposal of excess or underutilized supplies and materials

  5. Improve the recycling program for the school district, effectively reducing excess waste

Retain and improve the capacity of the certified and non-certified staff of the school district

  1. Offer compensation and benefits packages to staff commensurate with averages in the area

  2. Collaborate with certified and non-certified staff to evaluate and recommend improvements to evaluation systems

  3. Improve framework for the staff mentoring program of the school district

  4. Increase consistency with instruction across the district through implementation of the District Instructional Framework

SUBGOAL #3 - Safety & Security

Provide a safe environment to students and staff conducive to teaching and learning

  1. Establish and monitor security personnel schedules and performance to maximize safety of students

  2. Require crisis prevention training for all security staff, and encourage training for security staff not assigned to the Riverton Schools

  3. Identify improved process and timeline for safety drills and procedures, expanding upon current offerings

  4. Collaborate with the first responders of the Village of Riverton to identify additional safety measures for all schools and activities

  5. Audit the current access control and security systems of the school buildings, installing additional access points and security measures in areas of need


GOAL #3: Community Engagement - Our partnerships with our community will support our schools in preparing students for life.

SUBGOAL #1 - Intentional Communication

Improve communication with all stakeholders of Riverton Schools

  1. Conduct a district-wide communication audit to identify the preferred methods of communication for all stakeholders, including community members who do not have children enrolled in school

  2. Provide professional learning opportunities for staff members to improve their communication with students and families

  3. Improve website to include a mobile version and an easily accessible activities calendar for the school district

  4. Implement consistent methods of communicating announcements and events from all schools and programs


Increase communication of student, staff, and program successes

  1. Establish a club or activity, collaborating with students, to improve the broadcasting of school events

  2. Install new signs at all buildings and/or in high-traffic areas, and partner with local businesses in Riverton to communicate schedules and events

  3. Identify a recorder and/or secretary for all school activities to communicate with and publish updates in the Riverton Register and district publications

SUBGOAL #2 - Extracurricular Activities

Invest in the students and community of Riverton in an effort to increase success and community pride

  1. Establish position in the school district to prioritize increasing athletic engagement, success, and community pride, supporting coaches, physical and health education, and activities

  2. Increase opportunities for in-house leagues and camps to increase skill-building at the younger levels

  3. Improve and individualize offseason training programs


Increase student and family participation and engagement in school and community activities

  1. Establish committee of activity sponsors to identify methods of increasing pride in activities other than sports

  2. Increase opportunities to involve students in the production of school events (i.e. bench officials, gameday workers, broadcasting and announcing, etc.)

  3. Encourage and establish networks within activities to increase parent and family engagement

  4. Increase communication of activities to students and families in an effort to improve participation

SUBGOAL #3 - Community Connections

Connect with community partners and leaders, providing additional support for Riverton Schools, students, and programs

  1. Establish partnerships with local businesses to provide students work-based learning opportunities

  2. Implement community-service hours as middle school promotion and high school graduation requirements

  3. Identify menu of service projects with the village leadership to provide to Riverton students seeking volunteer opportunities

  4. Partner with established in-house youth sports leagues in Riverton to improve programs and increase participation at younger levels


Collaborate with the leadership of the Village of Riverton to improve the community

  1. Develop a district- and village-wide, multi-pronged branding strategy, marketing & public relations plan that clearly delineates and solidifies what Riverton Schools and the Village of Riverton is known for and the distinctiveness of the Riverton Schools student experience

  2. Collaborate with village leadership to identify research-based strategies for improving perception of the town and schools

  3. Develop agreement with village leadership to share resources and facilities for student use


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