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Riverton Community Unit School District #14

Board of Education

Strategic Plan


MISSION STATEMENT: The mission of Riverton CUSD #14 is to create a nurturing environment where we challenge our students to reach their highest potential.


All individual Continuous School Improvement Plans will be developed from Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant, and Time-Based (SMART) goals, and relate to the Strategic Goals of the District to provide improved continuity and cohesion within the District.


GOAL #1: Maximize Learning


VISION STATEMENT: The District will offer challenging and diverse curriculum opportunities which provide for the needs, interests, and aspirations of all students in order to achieve their future educational and life goals.



OBJECTIVE #1: Update and improve the learning continuum in all buildings of the District through consistency in learning standards and continuity between buildings

  1. Consistently align learning standards with fidelity in all buildings of the District, utilizing consistent, continuous documentation that is monitored and updated

  2. Develop a comprehensive learning continuum for all core subjects (Language Arts, Mathematics, Science, Social Studies, Physical Education, Fine and Applied Arts) through District standards alignment for exposure and mastery

  3. Implement Standards-Based Grading at Riverton Elementary School to improve the reporting of student-achievement levels

  4. Implement Standards-Based Assessments at Riverton Middle School and Riverton High School utilizing technology to analyze individual levels of student achievement

  5. Develop a social-emotional learning continuum for all buildings of the District, incorporating the Illinois State Social-Emotional Learning Standards

OBJECTIVE #2: Develop comprehensive instructional guides to be used as tools for new and inexperienced teachers, and adequately pace content and mastery for all teachers

  1. Create instructional guides by building, subject, and grade level to be published using common documentation throughout the District

  2. Plan for and implement Competency-Based Education at Riverton High School through the assessing of individual student-achievement levels and individual student interests

  3. Integrate technology into curriculum and instructional planning, when appropriate, through the use of online-instructional materials, research-based, academic interventions, and elective courses

OBJECTIVE #3: Improve the effectiveness, cohesion, and productivity of the professional development plan for the District to target specific areas for improvement as identified by student achievement data, and improve the capacity of the instructional staff

  1. Implement a professional development plan for the District that utilizes data to target specific areas for improvement, and is reviewed biennially

  2. Develop processes and procedures for approving professional development activities that are related to the Strategic Plan or School Improvement Plans, and improving the implementation and application of approved professional development activities for all employees of the District


GOAL #2: Financial Stability


VISION STATEMENT: The District shall develop and maintain a responsible annual budget structured to support all programs and operations while working within its means and ensuring funding for long-term needs

OBJECTIVE #1: Maintain healthy fund balances to provide for financial stability

  1. Annually report on expenditures percentages in relation to individual fund balances, while maintaining responsibility through approved expenditure objectives

  2. Provide quarterly progress reports to the Board of Education regarding the budget and fund balances for the current fiscal year

  3. Report tentative projections for the budget of the following fiscal year in second half of the current fiscal year

  4. Provide recommendations to the Board of Education for the usage of reserves while maintaining financial stability in February of each year

  5. Communicate financial progress and updates to the school community quarterly

OBJECTIVE #2: Prioritize expenditures to effectively meet all District goals

  1. Develop a comprehensive list of all instructional resources in the District, including textbooks and technological devices

  2. Create a long-term budget for replacing instructional materials and technology to remain progressive and current in the usage of materials

  3. Require the usage of data and research when justifying instructional purchases to ensure effectiveness


GOAL #3: Facilities Management


VISION STATEMENT: The District will provide and maintain a safe, efficient, clean, and positive environment that is conducive to learning while generating a sense of pride for the community.

OBJECTIVE #1: Redevelop, upgrade, and improve the high-quality instructional and extracurricular facilities of the District

  1. Develop and implement a viable process for responsibly utilizing new and additional funding for capital improvements in the District

  2. Create a Facilities Master Plan for the next 10-15 years in the District, prioritizing improvements based on need and the Mission Statement of the District


OBJECTIVE #2: Continue to maintain the quality attendance centers and extracurricular facilities of the District

  1. Utilize the Continuous Improvement Model for the Maintenance Department of the District to improve focus, communication, and initiative

  2. Develop a improved tracking system for the maintenance work of the District in all buildings and extracurricular facilities

  3. Create a recognition program for the maintenance staff to help increase productivity and morale

  4. Develop daily, weekly, and monthly work lists for all maintenance and custodial positions of the District to be reviewing and monitored by Head Custodians and the Maintenance Supervisor


GOAL #4: Community Relations


VISION STATEMENT: The District will provide parents, students, staff, and the community a variety of opportunities to be informed, involved, and welcomed in an effort to promote student success.

OBJECTIVE #1: Maintain an increased level of communication to the school community using a variety of media

  1. Publish monthly newsletters on the District website and social media page following Board of Education meetings to update the community

  2. Send monthly newsletters to families from the District Office with information on successes, achievements, updates, and progress

  3. Maintain a monthly video blog of the District to celebrate the successes of the District and communicate with the school community

  4. Develop a consistent format for the daily announcements at Riverton Middle School and Riverton High School

  5. Improve the website of the District through cost-effective methods to inform the community, and connect information from all buildings and departments of the District in an easily-accessible location

  6. Collaborate with the surrounding villages and townships to develop an events calendar that is inclusive of all important events in the community

OBJECTIVE #2: Maintain and improve the communication of student successes in all buildings of the District

  1. Develop a web page on the District website devoted specifically to student successes that connects to all school social media pages

  2. Implement Latin Honors System at Riverton High School to honor additional students for their academic achievements upon graduation

  3. Utilize display monitors to recognize student success and work in all buildings of the District


OBJECTIVE #3: Increase the involvement of families within the community, and develop a greater pride in our school system

  1. Utilize the Continuous Improvement Model for the extracurricular activities of the District with a goal of increasing participation from our students in all activities

  2. Expand the volunteer programs throughout the District by offering a variety of opportunities for families to be involved in the education of the students within the community

  3. Maintain, improve, communicate, and increase participation of the youth activities programs within the District through partnerships with established programs and increasing the availability of programs that are organized by the District

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